Living Luxuriously Ever After

‘If you’re not concerned – nobody else will be,’ states an article in New Woman entitled ‘Money Matters’. It says, ‘Whether or not there is a rich man (or woman) waiting in the wings, you should always have your own money, bank account and future.’  It reshapes the fairy-story line saying, ‘Then the beautiful young girl married a handsome tycoon and they lived luxuriously ever after.’

We live in an age where the necessities of love and social responsibility are a poor second to the insatiable desire for luxury and excess.  Cleo stated,

To fight the emptiness, people filled their lives with material things – and lots of them.  Hence the birth of the yuppie.  In the beginning it was fun, but then it went too far.  People craved more, bought more and wondered more often, ‘Why isn’t this making me happy?’

Jesus gave the answer: ‘A person’s life is not made up of the things which he or she possesses.’ The evidence backs him up.