Your Face

‘Dolly’ magazine (March, 1991) published a poem from a reader. It said simply,

Sometimes I wonder,
What is the point of life?
Then I see your smiling face,
And realise it is all worthwhile.

We all know this theme as it is heard in the lyrics of many popular songs.  But making  a person, or your relationship with that person – as beautiful and tender as it may be – into the meaning of life is a dangerous thing.  In prosperous Orange County USA, for instance, the divorce rate is almost 80%.  Finding meaning in sex and relationships has been a disaster there.

Jesus said that it’s the house built on rock which stands firm in the storms of life.  Build your life on faith, commitment, justice, love and sensitivity and then invite your partner to share the joy of your strong and stable life.  Don’t destroy your relationships by worshipping your partner.  You can’t get from marriage what only God can give: ultimate meaning and spiritual inspiration.