The Good Life

A report has analysed the ingredients of the good life, and found that Australians gained most satisfaction in life from marriage, followed by church attendance, followed by income.  Further analysis showed that for a single person to experience the material satisfaction of a marriage, their income would need to increase by $50,000 per year. 1

I’m sure there are many marrieds who will readily say, ‘You can have my husband or wife, give me the $50,000 any time.’

Seriously though, these figures do show the human inclination to desire intimacy and relationship, both at the one to one level and the societal or community level.

Beyond this, I also believe that we can experience strengthening and affirming intimacy inside our hearts and minds through a loving relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  There is deep satisfaction and a sense of the goodness of life found in a real religious experience and fellowship.

1 Mariah Evans and Jonathon Kelley, ‘Happy Marriages’, in National Social Science Survey Report, Vol.2, No.2, 1990