Lottery Winners

I don’t think it is an overstatement that the ‘National Enquirer’ magazine specialises in nonsense articles.  One article told of a 56-year-old German man who had played the lottery for twenty-five years, then dropped dead when his sister announced that she had lost his winning $1.5 million ticket.  A separate article spoke of a $1.1 million winner in Spain who returned the bulk of his winnings.  ‘This money has brought me nothing but misery and pain,’ he said. ‘My wife left me, my old friends don’t speak to me and I am hounded daily by bums, salesmen and poor relatives.  When I was just a store clerk with nothing, they accepted me as I was, but when I was rich, people expected too much.’

St Paul said not to put your trust in such uncertain things as riches.  we really are far too obsessed with money, to the detriment of relationships.