Faith and Marriage

‘New Woman’ reminds us that on our wedding day we promised to be many things to each other:

A lover, companion and friend;
partner in parenthood;
ally in conflict;
comrade in adventure;
consolation in adversity;
confidant in uncertainty;
associate in search of meaning
and truth.

We are fallible and weak, but with faith and commitment we are capable, through forgiveness, apology and care, to grow together in true companionship.  But it won’t happen by accident or romantic dreams.  Sometimes the two aren’t resourceful enough to make it alone.  We need friends who will love us and tell us how we really behave.  We need others to support and believe in us in times of failure, disillusionment and stress.

I must admit, for me, Jesus has been all the things ‘New Woman’ lists.  That gives added strength to my character and commitment.  Faith is a powerful help in the demanding journey of human relationships.