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There is much clinical evidence that stable marriage and family promotes good health.  Premature death rates for singles, divorcees and separated partners are significantly higher than for marrieds in Australia and many other Western countries.  Despite the significance of this, many popular magazines insist on publishing titillating articles encouraging fly-by-night affairs at the office or on vacation.… Read the rest

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Lottery Winners

I don’t think it is an overstatement that the ‘National Enquirer’ magazine specialises in nonsense articles.  One article told of a 56-year-old German man who had played the lottery for twenty-five years, then dropped dead when his sister announced that she had lost his winning $1.5 million ticket. … Read the rest

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Motive – Profit or Love

Profits are important for business to survive.  If we go broke we can’t help our kids or the poor very much in terms of even basic physical needs.  But as a motive, profit is disastrous.  When making profits is more important than making friends, even with our own kids, then disaster is around the corner. … Read the rest

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