What made you start looking?

Many things make people look for help or come out front after a speaker or preacher, or even a book, or a religious CD, or TV program has makes us look for something new.

Sometimes we don’t even know what we’re looking for. Often a relationship with someone who has a faith, a hope, a love we haven’t experienced starts us on the journey towards what she’s got or what he’s got.

Sometimes we know exactly why. We want something big enough to hold us when life gets us down. We may wish there was some one bigger than us who has a loving purpose for our lives. We may want a sense of meaning and purpose – the stuff we own can never satisfy. We may want forgiveness because we feel guilty.

Sometimes there’s just a group feeling and a great idea presented to us and we want to be part of it. We may want to belong to a group that really does care and the Christian group may seem a better option than our current circle of contacts. We may want to make sense of life itself.

We may have been attracted by the words and life of Jesus and His death and resurrection. It may be a burning desire to respond to a call to live differently – more lovingly. Maybe the loss of someone has made us re-examine our life. Sometimes we just feel unhappy, unfulfilled, guilty, lonely or confused and just want help – sometimes a new start was offered so we responded.

Whatever is your reason, it’s better to take a risk of a change and find the answer.

So for whatever reason, we want to say WELCOME – “GOOD ON YA” – whether your enquiry is public or private.

We want to help clarify, encourage and guide you into a meaningful, fulfilling, challenging and truly loving life.

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