Seek Prayer and Scripture

Someone once said  prayer is the soul’s sincere desire, spoken or unexpressed. Prayer is a conversation with God.  Sometimes it’s just a deep cry from the heart.  I have found that God sometimes talks back.

Sometimes it’s a fresh insight; a deep sense of what we should do.  Sometimes the voice of God comes in a verse from what we have traditionally called The Word of God – that is, the bible.

Sometimes praying in a group can create a great sense of God’s presence.  If you can learn to talk to Jesus often, as you get time for retreat, or even on the run, you will cultivate the presence of God.

Probably nothing helps us to grow in our faith and determination to live fully and right as much as reading, or hearing the scriptures.  The early Christians didn’t own their own bibles.  They went to their small house churches to hear the bible read from week to week, as well as telling the stories to each other.

We are so blessed today, because even if we can’t read very well you can obtain CD copies of the whole bible.  Not only that, but we can read it in many different contemporary translations.  Some find The Message most easy to understand.  It’s a kind of paraphrase.  But there are more exact translations in modern language as well.  I know of no more wonderful source of wisdom and encouraging truth than the bible.

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