Am I Really In Such Need? Or Am I All That Bad?

Firstly, let’s recognise things aren’t as they were meant to be. Our personal and world problems are related to an inner search for meaning and identity.

The problem is in:

  • Our nature and personalities
  • Our world and the influences that shape our lives for good and bad
  • Our relationship with God and other people
  • The effect of our past experiences

So just offering a one-way ticket to ‘heaven’, as old timers would call it, is just not getting the point. Loss of heaven is only one of many consequences of our lost and selfish living.

It is interesting that Jesus described sinfulness as more than just doing wrong things. When we FAIL to do what’s right, it’s as bad as DOING wrong.

You can be totally law abiding and not give a thought for anyone else. Sin, an old word that originally meant missing the target, is basically four things:

1. Failing, in our thinking, saying and action to do what is right.
2. Trying to find meaning and fulfilment without God’s love, relationship and guidance.
3. Rejecting the all important spiritual part of our lives.
4. Missing out on the full and creative life God intends for us.

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