A New Way of Loving

What’s right then?

Well, Jesus gives us a clue.

He says that all God expects is summed up in two simple but demanding principles.

1. Love God with all you’ve got!
2. Love everyone else with the same total commitment – as much as you’d love and care for yourself. Do to others, as you would want them to do to you! (Mark 12:28-34)

Jesus even went so far as to say love your enemies and DO GOOD (find Mercy) to those who abuse you! (Matthew 5:44, Romans 12:20, Luke 6:27, 35).

Now that’s a challenge compared to most of what goes on around us. It’s a challenge to our behaviour in our families, in our neighbourhood, and even to our national (and international) interests!

Just imagine if we all behaved like that – we’d end up with… heaven on earth?

Well, a one-way ticket to heaven, somewhere else in a spiritual future may be the final end, but in the meantime we have a job to do with Him.

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