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The Ultimate in Life

The Herald Sun ran an article about Rod Stewart’s wives and lovers; of how they perceived him during the good times and what they had to say about him when it was all over.  Among the positive comments were: ‘Our affair will last forever’ ; ‘He’s the most fantastic man I know’ ; and ‘He’s a wonderful man – bright, sensitive and kind’. … Read the rest

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Try Before You Buy

Journalist, Ruth Ostrow, has questioned the wisdom of the ‘Try Before You Buy’ approach to sexual relationships.  Quoting a friend she makes the point that ‘living together is like letting a buyer over-examine your second-hand car.  If you let him take it for six days instead of an hour, he’s bound to turn up trouble.’ Ruth asks, ‘could it be our grandparents were right in hanging out for the wedding night?… Read the rest

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De Factos

The majority of young women in Australia between 25-29 are living in a de facto relationship. 1 What does this say about love and relationships?  Admittedly, there do exist de facto relationships which have more tenderness and care than many marriages, but statistics show they are short lived and experimental. … Read the rest

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The Good Life

A report has analysed the ingredients of the good life, and found that Australians gained most satisfaction in life from marriage, followed by church attendance, followed by income.  Further analysis showed that for a single person to experience the material satisfaction of a marriage, their income would need to increase by $50,000 per year.… Read the rest

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There is much clinical evidence that stable marriage and family promotes good health.  Premature death rates for singles, divorcees and separated partners are significantly higher than for marrieds in Australia and many other Western countries.  Despite the significance of this, many popular magazines insist on publishing titillating articles encouraging fly-by-night affairs at the office or on vacation.… Read the rest

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