Perfect Match

TVs ‘Perfect Match’ had a surprisingly long run of good ratings given how utterly dehumanising and pathetic most of the questions and answers were.  But then, looking for Mr Right or Miss Right is life’s greatest challenge or agony, or even game for many Australians.

Someone said, ‘it’s not finding the right mate but being the right mate which really matters.’ The packaged fantasy of the tv show is far from the reality of life.  Romance is wonderfully human but it has proven an awful failure as a basis for marriage in the twentieth century.  The best romantics have proven themselves the most temporary lovers.

Real love requires facing reality, making unlikeable decisions, being able to forgive the almost unforgivable and facing rejection without giving up.  That’s why the good book says, ‘husbands love your wives.’ Self-giving, not self-seeking makes relationships work. Jesus gives us the example and offers a change of heart which will enable us to love each other in the powerful way he loves us.

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