What Really Matters?

Two songs come to mind which talk about giving your whole life to a relationship.  Bad English sing:

When I see your smile,
I can face the world;
You know I can do anything. 1

Michael Bolton sings:

How am I supposed to live without you…
When all that I’ve been living or is gone? 2

Most people agree: we need love and friendship more than anything else.  Yet we spend most of our lives working and studying to make a dollar.  Little time, study or contemplation is given to creating better relationships.  Being more caring, more trustworthy, more communicative and more committed to our families, children or mates can wait until we have the car, the house and the status symbols.

To improve our often lonely, confused and hostile world, we are going to need to change our priorities and our commitments.  Take some time to think, read and discuss, the things which really matter.