Try Before You Buy

Journalist, Ruth Ostrow, has questioned the wisdom of the ‘Try Before You Buy’ approach to sexual relationships.  Quoting a friend she makes the point that ‘living together is like letting a buyer over-examine your second-hand car.  If you let him take it for six days instead of an hour, he’s bound to turn up trouble.’ Ruth asks, ‘could it be our grandparents were right in hanging out for the wedding night? I do ponder the wisdom of this strange thing my generation does called ‘living together’.’

The plain fact is that few de factos who do marry are statistically much more likely to divorce than those who didn’t shack up in the first place.

If you want commitment and stability, use your brain and carefully plan and control your life.  Jesus spoke of hard-heartedness as the primary reason we give up on our partner or undermine the relationship to the point of divorce.

Jesus is a role model for mercy, forgiveness and love.  He offers transformations of heart attitudes which enable us to more confidently commit ourselves to one partner for a lifetime.