The Ultimate in Life

The Herald Sun ran an article about Rod Stewart’s wives and lovers; of how they perceived him during the good times and what they had to say about him when it was all over.  Among the positive comments were: ‘Our affair will last forever’ ; ‘He’s the most fantastic man I know’ ; and ‘He’s a wonderful man – bright, sensitive and kind’.  The same women later described Rod as ’emotionally retarded’, ‘no class’ and ‘a flirt’.

Our TVs and our Top 40 songs are constantly telling us that the ultimate in life is a great partner.  Why then do we allow ourselves to be so blind to the way a person really is before we commit ourselves sexually to them?  Instead of basing our choice on sexiness, money, good looks or levels of excitement, we should examine our prospective’s character and qualities of care for others!

It’s time we slowed down our sex cells and sharpened up our brain cells when it comes to finding a partner.  Anybody knows ‘it takes two’, but wise people know that those two need to make some careful, caring and long-term decisions together.  If we made wiser choices in the first place we would avoid the need for tragic consequences later!