De Factos

The majority of young women in Australia between 25-29 are living in a de facto relationship. 1 What does this say about love and relationships?  Admittedly, there do exist de facto relationships which have more tenderness and care than many marriages, but statistics show they are short lived and experimental.  According to Dr Joyce Brothers, they are frequently shallow and damaging to both parties. 2

What happened to old fashioned commitment, which begins with enough trust to risk and promise and dedicate one’s self to long-term marriage?  Is it that sex and love are no longer like a horse and carriage?  Is it that we lack confidence to take the risk?  Is is that we want temporary use of each other rather than costly caring, love and service to each other?  This nation needs to cry out to God for a new discovery of long-term, trustworthy love.

1. Peter Smark and Judith Whelan, ‘Goodbye to Family Values’, in The Age, 3 April, 1989
2. Dr Joyce Brothers, ‘Live-In Loving’s a Con, Says Girls’, in the Sun Herald.