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John’s ministry has birthed many initiatives, all of which have been the direct result of proclamation of what St Mark records – the Apostles were on the road.  They preached with joyful urgency that life could be radically different… they brought welfare to the sick, healing their spirits. (Mark 6:12-13 Message Trans).  Anyone who has had the privilege of visiting John’s open house knows the value of his work as a mentor to many in ministry, and his apostolic calling.  The wealth of research material on holistic mission, church and Australian history, indigenous rights and social studies that John has on hand is a resource we hope to share.  The membership program developed for this site will help John fund the development of eBooks, translations of John’s works into multiple languages, online publishing of holistic mission research material, production of videos, teaching materials and programs, and a website that we hope will help John reconnect and reach out to those searching for social and spiritual meaning.

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