Anti-Association Laws

God’s Squad Christian Motorcycle Club founder Dr Rev John ‘Bullfrog’ ‘Blues Preacher’ Smith addressed the National Press Club on Wednesday 5 August, 2009. Dr Rev Smith discussed why the proposed and enacted anti-association laws, commonly called ‘anti-bikie’ laws, wouldn’t work.

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Living Luxuriously Ever After

‘If you’re not concerned – nobody else will be,’ states an article in New Woman entitled ‘Money Matters’. It says, ‘Whether or not there is a rich man (or woman) waiting in the wings, you should always have your own money, bank account and future.’  It reshapes the fairy-story line saying, ‘Then the beautiful young girl married a handsome tycoon and they lived luxuriously ever after.’

We live in an age where the necessities of love and social responsibility are a poor second to the insatiable desire for luxury and excess. … Read the rest

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Good Living

The Sydney Morning Herald featured an article by Simon Kent in ‘Good Living’ (May 31, 1988) on the subject of posh hotels.  The key quote was, ‘money doesn’t make you happy, it makes you ecstatic, especially when you can check into the best hotels and be treated like royalty.’

There are celebration moments when a night on the town or a hotel weekend may be appropriate, but in general the article misses the very meaning of life itself. … Read the rest

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